Welcome to my quarantine project...

Flashback: circa 2016

I'm a longtime theater actor, director, and community member living in Queens, straddling the border of NYC and Long Island. I try to attend as much indie theater as I can in both directions and start seeing a few companies make attempts at e-programs. It's a nice eco- and budget- friendly idea, but more often than not the virtual layout is just an unprinted PDF version of a physical program which is hard to navigate, paper slips are still being used anyway to provide instructions on how to access it, and most audience members wind up confused on what the point of an e-program is at all. The trend dies out fairly quickly and I always consider trying my hand at a better implementation, but never seem to have the time for such a niche side project... would there even be a demand for such a thing?

Enter Quarantine 2020.

All of a sudden, there's a ton of time, a ton of virtual productions, and a strong likelihood that people will be looking to go touch-free on more items and services, even when arts and entertainment can go live again.

I chose this project as a way to use my web development skills to smooth the eventual transition period for live theater by providing a cheap, hygienic, and user-friendly alternative to the physical program. It is my hope that this will also help audience members grow accustomed to using virtual programs in the long term so that future theaters can use them to reduce both paper waste and operating costs.

Paperless Playhouse is currently in testing. If you have an upcoming Zoom production or already have a projected reopening date for your next production season, I would love to work with you for free as one of my beta testers— contact info below!

—Cailín Kless
Paperless Playhouse Developer