Frequently Asked Questions

How does the beta test program work?

I'm currently offering simple virtual programs for in exchange for the most valuable thing of all at this stage— your feedback!

All you need to do is contact me and we'll discuss what you need to send me for your program— for most people this will just be a preferred cover image, a list of credits and bios, information on your company, and any sponsors you might have. We can also include production notes, headshots, and links to any professional sites or social media for your team.

Once completed, you'll receive a unique link to give to your audience members. All that's left to do for you is enjoy your show and answer a survey or set up a time to chat briefly with me about your experience!

Are Zoom productions eligible for the beta test program?

Of course! I fully anticipate that Zoom productions will make up the bulk of the initial test phase. A virtual program for a virtual production!

What if I need more customization?

Since all virtual programs are currently hand coded, making adjustments to the content (i.e. the actual text/images) of your program is incredibly easy. If you are seeking additional technical functions for your program (i.e. a voting app, mailing list signup), contact me at your earliest convenience and we'll discuss your options.

Is this service free?

Currently, yes, this service is 100% free. After the beta test phase is over, there will be a small fee for hosting a program. The exact fee is yet to be determined but the goal is to make sure it is always significantly cheaper than either a print service or even the cost of ink and paper for in-house printing.

How long will the beta test go on?

At the moment, it's a little hard to tell. I have no plans to end the beta test period before Paperless Playhouse has been tested at an in-person production at least a few times, and it's currently hard to predict when that will be an option in most areas. I can promise I will give notice as soon as I have a projected close for the testing period.